Industrial and Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning in Lindsay and Port Hope

Mishandling of grease traps can give industrial pipes industrial-sized clogs. This may also lead to costly down-time and repair expenses. As a commercial grease trap pumping and cleaning specialist, Peter Cook's Drain Cleaning & Service is prepared to handle your job.

Line Jetting to Unblock Drains

We use line jetting (the use of high pressure water) to effectively break up and flush blockages. While other traditional methods such as snaking are often messy and ineffective, line jetting is a method that's known for its efficiency. Once the water has dispersed the debris, a vacuum truck is used to suck away all the material that's been clogging your pipes.

Call us today to talk about your pipes. We can unclog your commercial drain before it becomes an industrial-sized headache.

Grease Trap Service
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